Sleep Dentistry

Are you having trouble sleeping? Does your partner say you snore? Do you have sleep apnea? Good news: there have been many exciting developments in the field of sleep dentistry. The solutions range from a simple appliance to full mouth rehabilitation. Either way, rest assured, you can kiss your sleep troubles goodbye.


Sleep apnea is a serious health issue. But traveling and wearing those machines at night can be a pain. In some cases, sleep apnea can be caused by a collapsing of the vertical dimension of your face. In these cases, opening up your bite and restoring your teeth to their natural height can make a vast difference. Not to mention, it’ll make your teeth look great!
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Do you wake up with tooth pain, tired jaw muscles or a headache?  Do your teeth have a flatten appearance?  You may suffer from bruxism (grinding and or clenching of your teeth).  Thirty to forty million children and adults suffer from bruxism in the United States.
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We offer a variety of minimally invasive appliances to prevent you from snoring at night. Our devices are easy to use, comfortable, and will have you waking up feeling refreshed. That’s excellent news for you and your partner.
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