Preventative Dentistry

Occlusal Guard

If you’re a clencher or grinder, an occlusal guard is your smile’s best friend. Using a guard at night prevents the wearing down, cracking, or breaking of your teeth over time. A properly-fitted guard can help you maintain your beautiful teeth for a lifetime, and even ease any jaw or joint pain you might be having.

Do you wake up with tooth pain, tired jaw muscles or a headache?  Do your teeth have a flatten appearance?  You may suffer from bruxism (grinding and or clenching of your teeth).  Thirty to forty million children and adults suffer from bruxism in the United States.  Chronic grinding or clenching can lead to temperature sensitivity in your teeth, wear that extends to the nerve of the tooth, cracks in teeth, receding gums, faster wear on fillings and crowns and even tooth loss.  Damage caused from grinding and clenching may require dental treatments such as root canal therapy and crowns that would otherwise not be needed. Temporomandibular joint disorder is a direct result of a grinding or clenching habit. Wearing a nightguard can bring relief to patients who chronically grind or clench their teeth especially during sleep.  This thin, clear appliance will be custom designed to suit your bruxism habit.  The night guard we design for you will be high quality, superior fit and custom made by a laboratory from impressions we carefully take in our office. Nightguards available in local pharmacies over the counter may be used for a temporary measure but often are the cause of increased TMJ discomfort due to the less than perfect fit.   A nightguard can be the answer to a good night’s sleep, decreased frequency of headaches and protecting your beautiful teeth from damage done by grinding or clenching.  Ask us about one today.

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